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Our Services

Vectra Transport provides fast and efficient Container Transport Services with in Melbourne Metropolitan and Regional areas of Victoria.
  • Side-Loaders for delivering container on the ground at customers address
  • Standard trailers full range to meet your needs
  • Import & Export Containers handling & storage
  • Container Sales & Hire  
  • Empty Container bulk runs between Melbourne Wharfs & container storage yards.
  • We also offer After Hours Service (for regular deliveries), whereby the Customer can opt to receive their Container/s after hours, that it is available for unloading as soon as their Staff arrive for work the next morning
  • Professional Service with Competitive rates and Company owned vehicles and trailers
Our trucks operate 24 hours 7 days a week all year around to meet our customer's needs.
At VECTRA Transport we have flexible fleet and it does not matter what your needs are, our customer service team will meet your entire container handling requirements.


The following process will enable us fast and easy delivery of your container to their nominated location:

  • Notification of Customers requirements (and Details) sent to our Logistics Manager (Minimum 48 hours) prior to the Arrival of the vessel.
  • Delivery Orders e-mailed to our Logistics Manager (Minimum 24 hours) prior to the First Day of container Availability, with an indicative date & time of when the Customer requires the container to be delivered.
    * This enables us to book time-slots at the wharf, so that the container can be delivered directly to the Customer, to the best of our ability.
  • Please Ensure that All Duties are paid in full, prior to the First Day of Availability, so that the container is clear to be collected.
  • Any Import storage that is owing, due to the container not being collected from the wharf within the 3 Free Day timeframe, must be paid in full by the Customer / Broker before collection.
  • In the event that a container requires to be freighted to be washed by Quarantine (AQIS), VECTRA Transport Pty Ltd will pay the amount owing and will invoice the Customer / Broker for this amount. A fee will apply to return and collect the container from the wash when it becomes available.
  • Upon completion of the job, VECTRA Transport will invoice the Customer / Broker for work completed.

For further information & quotes, please Contact Us today.